Joe Perry King


phone number is 15803997150

I am currently completing a PhD in Educational Psychology, concentrating in Measurement, Statistics, and Research Design at the University of Washington (UW). I have extensive education and experience in advanced research design and statistical analysis. This has included coursework in linear regression, generalized linear models, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, Bayesian statistics, exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. I have used many software packages to implement these models including SPSS, R, and MPlus and intermediate knowledge of STATA and HLM 6. I have advanced knowledge of how to implement statistical models in these programs and the strengths and weaknesses of those software packages. The statistical program R is also a programming language and I have experience in using functions, loops, and other programming techniques to create statistical code to analyze data if there are no pre-programmed tasks capable of performing needed functionality including data cleaning, recoding, descriptive and inferential statistics.


My education and work experience as a research assistant includes helping clean and prepare data for analysis, run the analyses on the appropriate software and troubleshoot any software issues that may arise and the creation of a report detailing the methodology used in the analysis and the results of that analysis. My experience as a consultant at the Center for Social Science Computation and Research at the University of Washington has given me to help students, faculty and staff assistance in the analysis of their data and assisting in interpretation of results on a variety of statistical methods.


I am currently seeking employment within government or private business focusing on policy or program analysis. I am willing to discuss with individuals or groups about consulting as well, please contact me for more information (


My full CV can be found here.


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